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Citizen nails feet on wood as sign of protest in Armenia (VIDEO)

22:59, 03.05.2012

Shakoyan demands to be granted a passport…

ANC candidate’s rep beaten in Armenia’s Lori

20:05, 03.05.2012

However, the fight had no political reasons…

Police investigates Yerevan park incident

18:57, 03.05.2012

The activists and police crashed on April 29…

Six servicemen engaged in car accident in Armenia

17:58, 03.05.2012

One of them died, while the rest are in serious condition…

Iranian citizen is robbed in Armenia via computer

17:32, 03.05.2012

National Security Service will conduct the criminal investigation…

Armenian village residents detect snake

16:52, 03.05.2012

An operative team was dispatched to the area…

Man who jumped off Yerevan bridge was attorney

15:38, 03.05.2012

He left a suicide note before plunging to his death…

Three people injured in car accident in Yerevan

15:30, 03.05.2012

An investigation is underway…

Man jumps off Yerevan bridge

13:06, 03.05.2012

His identity is yet undetermined...

Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor Office lawyer is involved in road accident

11:30, 03.05.2012

Two passengers were transferred to hospital…

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