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Armenian newspaper editor sues ‘victim’ for defamation

23:20, 10.07.2012

I will go through all the instances to prove that the incident has been a well written plot…

Armenian Police Chief meets Iranian Interior Minister

22:59, 10.07.2012

Cooperation between Armenian and Iranian law enforcement agencies is on a satisfactory level…

Scandalous President of Armenian Football Federation and former MP sued by NGO

18:49, 10.07.2012

“For some reason, a Helsinki son of dog appears and sues us…”

Armenian citizen wins case against state in European Court of Human Rights

18:28, 10.07.2012

The Republic of Armenia must compensate moral damage to Vahe Grigoryan by paying €2,500…

Meeting of Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents not planned

18:02, 10.07.2012

In Baku the mediators discussed recent incidents along the line of contact...

OSCE head to visit Armenia

17:55, 10.07.2012

Zannier will hold meetings with President Serzh Sargsyan, Parliament Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan...

Azerbaijan’s president receives Minsk Group Co-Chairs

17:11, 10.07.2012

They exchanged views on settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict…

Joint anti-corruption awareness program to launch at Yerevan international airpo

15:51, 10.07.2012

The $77,000 project is funded by the US Department of State…

No pressure can be applied on agency looking into Yerevan restaurant incident –

15:25, 10.07.2012

And new facts and circumstances could surface…

Armenia’s Defense Minister discusses bilateral military cooperation with Ukraine

15:00, 10.07.2012

Also, they examined regional security issues of mutual interest…

Harsnaqar incident shows that Armenian citizens are unprotected – ARFD

14:50, 10.07.2012

The Harsnaqar restaurant incident exhausted patience of the Armenian society...

Armenia’s former opposition MP considers war’s resumption improbable

14:32, 10.07.2012

What developments await the Karabakh issue?...

Stepan Safaryan to run for MP seat in Hayrapetyan’s precinct

14:04, 10.07.2012

Safaryan said he was surprised by the decision...

Close to 100 Armenian public servants underwent medical-insurance-based heart su

12:40, 10.07.2012

And the servants’ professional effectiveness has increased…

Armenian Parliament leader will not interfere with Yerevan restaurant inquiry

12:38, 10.07.2012

At the same time, since an investigation is underway…

3 candidates to run in NKR presidential elections

12:09, 10.07.2012

Only one nominee submitted a candidacy-withdrawal petition…

ARF Dashnaktsutyun governing body’s new members are announced

11:49, 10.07.2012

Party’s Parliamentary Faction leader is reelected as representative…

Genocide bill to be introduced in France this fall

11:32, 10.07.2012

The meeting with President Hollande is scheduled for anytime between July 16 and 30…

Minsk Group Co-Chairs kick off visit to Karabakh conflict region

09:45, 10.07.2012

They will arrive in Yerevan from Stepanakert on Thursday…

Opposition MP to lead Armenia’s delegation at Euronest? – newspaper

08:35, 10.07.2012

Its Bureau is a governing body which has the right to bloc or veto…

Armenian ruling party central office is under renovation – newspaper

07:57, 10.07.2012

The construction will end in fall…

Armenian village head is elected with “consent” of criminal personality imprison

07:20, 10.07.2012

The villagers themselves decided on their election bribe…

Naïve Diaspora Armenian thinks Yerevan Mayor would honor his word – French-Armen

06:05, 10.07.2012

She still awaits Mayor to keep his promise…

Someone benefits from incidents on Armenian-Azerbaijani border - expert

00:24, 10.07.2012

We always reply and remind that we are ready to respond to any provocation…

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