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Allowing marriage at age of 18 in Armenia is positive trend – sexologist

23:50, 10.07.2012

18 is the age when one can start having sexual life…

Armenian newspaper editor sues ‘victim’ for defamation

23:20, 10.07.2012

I will go through all the instances to prove that the incident has been a well written plot…

6-year-old hit by car in Yerevan

19:29, 10.07.2012

76-year-old man hit by ZAZ-Sena vehicle has been hospitalized…

Scandalous President of Armenian Football Federation and former MP sued by NGO

18:49, 10.07.2012

“For some reason, a Helsinki son of dog appears and sues us…”

Armenian brandy to be bottled in Belarus

18:44, 10.07.2012

The Belarus President was presented a bottle of Armenian brandy from the newly launched line…

2-year-old boy is poisoned in Yerevan

17:16, 10.07.2012

Doctors say he is in average critical condition…

16-year-old boy drowns in Armenia’s Lake Sevan

16:03, 10.07.2012

He was transferred to hospital, where he lost his life…

No pressure can be applied on agency looking into Yerevan restaurant incident –

15:25, 10.07.2012

And new facts and circumstances could surface…

Eight Armenians killed in Russia flood

13:40, 10.07.2012

The administration of Krymsk region has issued the list of victims...

Armed soldier takes hostages in kindergarten in France

12:59, 10.07.2012

Currently offender keeps at least one person in the building...

Armenian Parliament leader will not interfere with Yerevan restaurant inquiry

12:38, 10.07.2012

At the same time, since an investigation is underway…

Fire starts at Yerevan hotel

11:11, 10.07.2012

The 12-square-meter sauna was completely destroyed…

Armenian businessman MPs’ service vehicles’ owners are fined – newspaper

08:45, 10.07.2012

Also, the cars lacked the auto insurance and technical inspection stickers…

Don’t make a hero out of suicide victims! – newspaper

08:24, 10.07.2012

The victim’s photograph should not be shown…

Armenian village head is elected with “consent” of criminal personality imprison

07:20, 10.07.2012

The villagers themselves decided on their election bribe…

Naïve Diaspora Armenian thinks Yerevan Mayor would honor his word – French-Armen

06:05, 10.07.2012

She still awaits Mayor to keep his promise…

Armenia to increase age requirement for marriage

00:04, 10.07.2012

According to the current Family Code, women are allowed to get married at the age of 17, men at the age of 18…

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