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Armenian media has been sued for $300,000 in total last year - journalist

23:34, 22.02.2012

Provisions on libel and slender were added to the Civil Code and brought forth in sharp increase of lawsuits…

Armenian and Azerbaijani MPs staged skirmish and called for cooperation, part 2

22:07, 22.02.2012

We should use any arena to establish bilateral relations…

Armenian and Azerbaijani MPs staged skirmish and called for cooperation

21:17, 22.02.2012

Azerbaijani MPs use any international stage to discredit Armenia…

Euronest Parliamentary Assembly Commission members visit Genocide Memorial in Ar

21:03, 22.02.2012

We must heal the wounds of the Armenians…

Environmental activists respond to Yerevan mayor

20:04, 22.02.2012

Realizing private property right must not damage the environment, and must not violate the rights of the public…

Representatives of European Parliament will be present during upcoming elections

19:31, 22.02.2012

They are expecting fair elections…

Armenian opposition discusses upcoming rally

19:09, 22.02.2012

The ANC continued discussions on formation of bloc’s proportional election list...

Nagorno-Karabakh Speaker discusses agenda of upcoming session

18:47, 22.02.2012

Ashot Ghulyan convened a working consultation on Wednesday...

Armenian PM and Kazak Ambassador discuss investment issues (photo)

18:27, 22.02.2012

Sargsyan and Bozzhigitov exchanged thoughts on implementing joint projects...

Armenian President receives Euronest delegates

17:28, 22.02.2012

Euronest can turn into a supporting platform for development of Eastern Partnership project and regional cooperation…

Armenian PM returns bill on state of emergency back to Parliament

17:25, 22.02.2012

The opposition forces claim this law proposal enables the army to get involved in domestic security…

Armenia’s opposition member discusses domestic political situation with German D

16:50, 22.02.2012

They discussed the different aspects for securing legality of the parliamentary elections…

OSCE/ ODIHR to send 274 experts to observe elections in Armenia

16:41, 22.02.2012

The political climate is characterized by a strong distrust between government and opposition...

Azerbaijan’s propaganda success complicates recognition of Karabakh’s independen

15:57, 22.02.2012

If the fire is stops, we think the war is over too

Lawsuit must be filed against Azerbaijan for spreading misinformation on Khojalu

15:55, 22.02.2012

If truth is revealed it would be a shock for Azerbaijani people...

Armenia-Frontex cooperation begins

15:14, 22.02.2012

Frontex Executive Director specified three factors…

Reports on Bundestag group’s anti-Armenian statement leaked by Azerbaijani side

14:20, 22.02.2012

Press reports say CDU/CSU group is preparing to issue a statement on the Karabakh issue...

Armenia’s two ruling coalition partners, main opposition block will together gar

13:58, 22.02.2012

The parliamentary elections will have predictable results, but unexpected events…

Azerbaijani trace in German MPs’ intention to issue anti-Armenian statement – He

13:22, 22.02.2012

On the other hand, the statement can be regarded as a consequence of the Madrid Principles...

Turkey violates WTO regulations because of genocide bill, bans French meat impor

13:03, 22.02.2012

But its Department of Food Control denied this information…

President, European Parliament delegation discuss Armenia-EU Association Agreeme

12:59, 22.02.2012

The Head of State welcomed and underscored the delegation’s visit to the country…

Armenia’s Defense Minister underscores programs on human rights protection in ar

11:11, 22.02.2012

He received the newly appointed Head of the OSCE Office in Yerevan…

Armenian parliamentary election day yet uncertain – newspaper

09:46, 22.02.2012

If the authorities have ultimately decided to hold the elections on May 6…

More Armenian ruling party members who do not like well-known businesswoman –

08:53, 22.02.2012

But even they understand that her money in the election season definitely will not harm them…

Why German MPs decide to intervene in Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict? – newspaper

08:50, 22.02.2012

Specifically, Karabakh and the adjacent areas are defined as occupied, and there is a call made upon the Armenian side…

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