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Armenian and Azerbaijani MPs staged skirmish and called for cooperation, part 2

22:07, 22.02.2012

We should use any arena to establish bilateral relations…

Armenian and Azerbaijani MPs staged skirmish and called for cooperation

21:17, 22.02.2012

Azerbaijani MPs use any international stage to discredit Armenia…

Azerbaijan’s propaganda success complicates recognition of Karabakh’s independen

15:57, 22.02.2012

If the fire is stops, we think the war is over too

Lawsuit must be filed against Azerbaijan for spreading misinformation on Khojalu

15:55, 22.02.2012

If truth is revealed it would be a shock for Azerbaijani people...

Reports on Bundestag group’s anti-Armenian statement leaked by Azerbaijani side

14:20, 22.02.2012

Press reports say CDU/CSU group is preparing to issue a statement on the Karabakh issue...

Azerbaijani trace in German MPs’ intention to issue anti-Armenian statement – He

13:22, 22.02.2012

On the other hand, the statement can be regarded as a consequence of the Madrid Principles...

Iran demands that Azerbaijan should stop intelligence operations

13:10, 22.02.2012

The Azerbaijani-Iranian tensions are rising high...

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