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VANADZOR. – On October 18, 2011 Hrachik Mkrtchyan had a car accident with his family. As his family claims, it was not a usual accident but an intentional murder attempt. According to Hrachik Mkrtchyan, all the circumstances connected with the accident were illegal.

“The GAZelle car was following us. It was moving all the time and endangering my family. It was trying to cause an accident. We felt our death and managed to cross the street and hadn’t parked in front of Jazve Café when the driver of the GAZelle intentionally created and accident and crashed into our car,” Hrachik Mkrtchyan’s wife Karine Atyan told Armenian

She considers it to be a murder attempt as she had filed complaints against several businesses functioning under their apartment building.

“This was an order to scare me so I won’t complain anymore,” she said.

“The court made its verdict without considering any of the evidences. We were not allowed to properly give evidence in the court,” Hrachik Mkrtchyan said.

According to him, this was also part of the order to hide the traces of the perpetrator.

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