January 19
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“We honestly planned to discuss the Prosperous Armenia Party leader’s recent speech and respond to it; however, we realize that instead of discussing the meaning of the speech, we have to discuss whether he understood what he had read during the speech,” President Sargsyan said.

He noted that the Prosperous Armenia Party has patriotic, educated members, people with whom the authorities can jointly solve problems of the state and address the challenges facing our country. However, he excluded the party leader from that list.

“Gagik Tsarukyan as a political actor becomes an evil for our country, and this is natural. To be a participant of political processes, one should possess controlling mechanisms; however, low intellectual abilities constrain any progress: this is something that has been evident to anyone for a long time. It is a tragedy indeed – it is also funny in its own way – that Gagik Tsarukyan has wide political ambitions. Certainly literate people near him also realize that for a country involved in war it is really dangerous to have political elite that is consisted of such kind. Can you imagine a situation when Tsarukyan, after his speech in the Parliamentary Assembly [of the Council of Europe] reads a speech but after that has to answer the questions of the member states, including MPs from Turkey and Azerbaijan. Yes, that is very difficult and terrible to imagine indeed. As for the many shameful stories told by our partners about his foreign visits, we still have to digest them. And again, I must say that we have no country for those who want to turn it into a circus,” Armenian President said.

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