April 13
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The text of a resolution on the centenary of the Armenian Genocide that will be put to the vote in Bundestag on April 24 has been released.

According to Die Presse newspaper, the document does not contain a “G-word”, but the lawmakers do call on Turkey to recognize the fact of what happened. Germany's ruling coalition decided to condemn Armenian pogroms, but despite the criticism of many deputies, the word “genocide” has been removed not to damage relations with Turkey.

The text of the resolution says during the First World War, the destruction of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire was the greatest disaster in the thousand-year history of the Armenian people, which had serious consequences. “We urge Turkey to stop denying the fact,” the resolution reads.

A group of lawmakers from four factions has been formed at Bundestag to discuss Germany's position on the Armenian Genocide. Social democrats and ruling party prefer avoiding the “G-word”, while the green and left parties state the opposite.

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