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YEREVAN. – The Serbian people realize what happened to Armenians in the Ottoman Empire (PHOTOS).

The President of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolić, stated the above-said Friday at the Armenian Genocide Memorial in capital city Yerevan.

In his words, monstrous genocide occurred with the Armenians.

“Do we have the right not to pay tribute to the collective memory of the Armenian Genocide victims? The denial of historical truth adversely affects the level of awareness,” the Serbian president stressed, and added: “We have not come here to be against or for someone, but to honor the memory of the victims of the people of Armenia.”

Nikolić also noted that the term “genocide” is very often manipulated.

“Could we have not been present here today and betrayed those who believe that only the truth will save us from the bloody past? No, we could not and we would not dare not to be present [here].

“We will not allow the imposed political correctness to cause pain to the people of the world. We are the citizens of the world (…), and we need to join forces to address the global challenges,” the Serbian president specifically said.

Tomislav Nikolić stressed that Serbia believes solely in this meaning of politics, and there is no alternative to respect for human life.

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