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YEREVAN. – Prominent American analyst Paul Goble, who is a well-known expert in the Karabakh issue, is convinced that Russia wants to deploy peacekeeping forces in Karabakh, reported Zhamanak daily. 

“Goble, in an interview with us, said: ‘Moscow wants the put peacekeepers in Karabakh, but this will happen only if the region is again under Azerbaijani control.’

“The professor at the Institute of World Politics in Washington D.C. argues that Russia has never been an ally of Armenia, and it will betray the Armenians, if needed, whereas the West, in Goble’s words, does not have the leverage needed in the region. So, if the [Karabakh] conflict resumes, ‘the West will leave the matter to Moscow.’  

“‘Azerbaijan has a little chance of selection, whereas there is virtually no one at Armenia’s side. The exception is Iran. But Armenia may consider turning towards Iran very dangerous,’ [Goble added,]” wrote Zhamanak.

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