April 18
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“We are ready to stay here to achieve people’s desired results," told Pavel Manukian, a member of Sasna Tserer group,  to reporters .

" We had a victim during our operation. Such operations usually do not take place without victims. We are here to honor the memory of the victim. We also have an injured in the shooting . The police tried to counterattack, but had negative consequences. People must stand up for their victory. No party should personalize . They have been cheating us for 25 years; we will not allow them any more , "said Pavel Manukyan , adding that everyone must be involved in the birth of this victory.

Pavel Manukyan urged the people to go out and fight . "I repeat , we will not do anything; we are ready to stay here for the people to achieve their desired result ."

Speaking about the talks mediated by Vitaly Balasanyan , Manukyan said . " One of the results is that we released the hostages." "This regiment became a tool against the  Armenian people, constantly throwing salt on their wounds . We decided to take away that tool from them," added Pavel Manukian .

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