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The US and other Western countries are blocking any attempts of investigating the chemical attack in Khan-Sheikhun, the Syrian President Bashar Assad said in an interview with RIA Novosti. "Formally, we sent a letter to the United Nations, in which we asked to send a delegation of experts to investigate what had happened Khan-Sheikhoun. Of course, until now they have not sent anyone, because the Western countries and the United States are preventing the arrival of any delegations, "Assad said.

"After all, if experts come, they will find out that all their stories about what happened in Khan Sheikhun and the attack on Shayrat air base was a lie. That's why they do not send anyone, " added the Syrian president. Assad noted that the only contacts currently underway are contacts between Russia and several countries for arranging the arrival of a delegation. "Until now, we have no positive news about whether the delegation will arrive or not,” the Syrian president said.

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