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The results of the forensic examination on the death of Armenian citizen David Barseghyan, 32, in the police station of Swedish Orebro city has been received. 

The attorney of the victim’s legal successor, Mark Safaryan, told Armenian News – that David Barseghyan’s rights were grossly violated.

“The police provided information to the experts, according to which at the moment of  detention, David felt vey bad, vomited blood and fainted. The police justify their actions, saying that they considered that all this was due to his fear and didn’t provide him medical assistance for that reason, which looks like a cynicism,” the attorney said.

In his words, Barseghyan was taken to the police station literally by being dragged.

The Swedish police “explain” this by the fact that he allegedly resisted. In the cell David was laid down on one side so that he didn’t suffocate. In an hour he was found dead.   The conclusion says that the death was caused by asphyxia of gastric contents, there being no traces of alcohol and drugs in his blood.

The attorney noted that he has handed the conclusion of the expert examination to the Swedish Chancellor of Justice.

Earlier, David’s friends, Khoren Sinanyan, told Armenian News – that David died as a result of the negligent treatment of the Swedish police. According to him, Armenian national David Barseghyan had left for Orebro city of Sweden as a tourist. When David felt bad, his friends seated him into a car to take him to a hospital, but the police prevented this by stopping them on the road. 

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