January 23
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YEREVAN. –  Russia's sale of arms to Azerbaijan is the most painful aspect of the Armenian-Russian relations, President Serzh Sargsyan said during a program on Armenia TV.

"This is the most painful aspect of the Armenian-Russian friendship, the Armenian-Russian military cooperation, and our relations, in general. This issue casts a shadow on a lot of things. However, on the other hand, there are circumstances and, perhaps these circumstances are acceptable for them, but not for us. Nothing serious has happened so far. If once there are serious consequences, then it will be possible to blame them. And if there are no serious consequences, we should take this as a long-term political activity of the Russian side for stabilization of the situation in the region,” the Armenian leader stressed.

Commenting on some politicans’opinions concerning the need to review military cooperation with Russia, Sargsyan said: "These are extremely dangerous words that can create an extremely bad situation. With whom do you want to revise and improve - with Turkey or with NATO? One might think that everyone with open arms waits that Armenia will come to them."

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