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August 13 marks the International Left‑Handers Day. This data was established by the Bill on Left-Handers adopted in 1976 by the International Confederation of Left-Handers, which is located in Topeka city of Kansas, US.

The mass movement of left-handers began in 1980 with rallies in defense of sacked police officer Franklin Winborn. As a left-hander, Winborn wore his holster on the left side, whereas according to the charter, he was to wear it on the right side.

The Left-Handers days is designed to draw the attention of the public to the issue of teaching left-handed children to write with their right hand, which results in psychological traumas. For a long time, the main reason for doing this was the concern about their social adaptation to the world, where right-handers prevail and where all the technical means are designed for right-handers. But now the scientists have proved that there is no point in changing the writing “habit” of left-handers, since left-handedness is the expression of certain interhemisphiric asymmetry. The scientists also estimated that left-handers become highly-qualified specialists more often than right-handers (53 percent against 38 percent).

Many countries in the world have special shops for left-handers, where it is possible to buy knives, scissors, different devices, sports goods, sewing machines, computer keyboards, etc. for left-handers.

Among renowned left-handers were Caesar, Churchill, Bismarck, Fidel Castro, Bill Clinton, Friedrich Nietzsche, Mozart, Isaac Newton, etc. 

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