February 19
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The Police of Armenia received a call, on January 13 at 3:15am, according to which there was an argument on a street nearby an apartment building in capital city Yerevan.

At 3:20am, the police officers that were dispatched to scene detained Iranian citizen Seyed Shahariar S. (born in 1990), who, noticing the police, had attempted to flee the seen while holding a pneumatic gun.

At 4:30am, the police received a report from a hospital that Iranian citizens Mikail M. (born in 1996), who had stab wounds and bodily injuries, and Arash K. (born in 1998), who had a fracture to his forehead, had been transferred to medical care. They informed that they had sustained these wounds during the aforesaid argument.

The police officers that were dispatched to the scene have found out that at 3am, the three Iranian citizens argued with one another at the abovementioned location. Subsequently, their neighbors, Sargis O. (born in 1989) and Ara A. (born in 1988), intervened and tried to calm them down.

But a scuffle ensued, during which Arash K. accidentally stabbed Mikail M. and Ara A. And at that time, Ara A.’s pneumatic gun fell to the ground, and Seyed Shahariar S. picked it up. But noticing the police officers approaching them, he attempted to escape.

Forensic medical examinations have been commissioned.

And at 5pm, Arsen S. (born in 1971) reported to the police that the participants in this argument had carelessly damaged his car.

The amount of damage is being assessed.

An investigation is underway.

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