January 17
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YEREVAN. – The supporters of the Sasna Tsrer armed group have closed off Arshakunyats Avenue in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. 

The Armenian reporter informed from the scene that they demand from the court to make a fair ruling and grant the defense’s motion to commute the preventive measure of arrest that has been handed down regarding the members of this armed group.

During Wednesday’s trial, defendant and Sasna Tsrer member Pavlik Manukyan called on everyone to take to the streets and block roads in order to put pressure for the making of a fair court ruling.

The Sasna Tsrer supporters are urging the drivers to join them and are attaching posters on cars, and with a demand for their release.

In protest of the then authorities, the Sasna Tsrer armed group took over a police patrol regiment building in Yerevan, held hostages, but later surrendered in July 2016.

Several people—including police officers—were killed during the standoff that lasted numerous days.

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