January 22
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YEREVAN.- The Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) will continue acting for the benefit of the security of the citizens of the Republic of Armenia and the strengthening of the security of Karabakh, Vice President of the National Assembly of Armenia, spokesperson of the Republican Party Eduard Sharmazanov told the reporters after the Executive Body meeting of the party.

“For us army building, Karabakh’s international recognition, international recognition of the Genocide and the strengthening of our national values are priorities”, Sharmazanov noted.

He also commented on the rumors that the RPA has intentions of sabotage, revanchism and counterrevolution against the newly formed Cabinet. “I want to state that the Republican Party of Armenia was and remains exclusively a political body. We are a political body. We are neither revolutionaries, nor counterrevolutionaries. And the use of such formulations has nothing to do with the reality. And I ask everyone who see revolutionaries or counterrevolutionaries or revanchists among us not to use such formulations. We are neither Menshvisk, nor Bolsheviks. This era has passed. We are a political party. We were and will be engaged in political activities”, Sharmazanov said, emphasizing that the party has no intentions of sabotage, revanchism or counterrevolution.   

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