January 17
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Armenia is entering a good phase of development, when political laws will start working.

Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation director, political scientist Stepan Grigoryan, on Thursday stated the aforementioned in his opening remarks at an international conference, entitled “The Future of Eastern Partnership in Turbulent Times.”

“The former [Armenian] authorities wanted to make the Armenian people believe in the notion that there are good laws, but they are not for the Armenian people,” the analyst stressed. “The Armenian people ‘blew up’ that trend—and did the right thing. Now, Armenia will develop as normal.”

In his words, elections in Armenia were for a long time rigged, and therefore the people decided to do what the ancient Romans did.

“The people chose Nikol Pashinyan on the street, then [they] sent [him] to the National Assembly and said, ‘Elect him Prime Minister!’” Grigoryan said. “And when the ARF and ‘Tsarukyan’ [political forces] joined the people’s movement, it gave a chance that it became possible—completely by law—to lawfully make the change of power; it ensured the constitutionality of amendments.”

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