March 27
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The US Democratic Party are calling the State Department interpreter Marina Gross, who was present during Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin close meeting to appear at the committee , BBC reported quoting MSNBC. 

According to them, Gross and her recordings could provide important information from the US President conversation with his Russian counterpart.

“We want the interpreter to come before the committee," Senator Robert Menendez told MSNBC.

 "We want to see the notes. We're going to have a massive effort to try to get to what happened,” the Senator added.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin had a 2-hours meeting on July 16 in Helsinki. During the talks, only the leaders’ interpreters were present.

However, the White House rejected the Democrats' demand that Marina Gross should appear before the US Congress as no president and his interpreter are required to reveal the content of personal conversations.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said she did not have information about a possible recording of the Trump-Putin talks.

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