December 06
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YEREVAN.- Certainly, events in Armenia have affected Karabakh, the second president of Armenia Robert Kocharian said in the interview with Yerkir Media television, speaking about the negotiation process on the settlement of the Karabakh conflict and the situation in Artsakh in the light of recent events in Armenia.

"It is difficult to me to give an assessment. It is clear, that the events in Armenia have affected Karabakh to some extent. And  the president of Karabakh Bako Sahakyan also spoke about it," the ex-president noted.

Assessing the situation around Karabakh in general, Kocharyan called it rather problematic. "The first person of Armenia can not just step aside and say:" I wash my hands. " It is impossible, "Kocharian said, commenting on the first statements of Prime Minister Pashinyan that he does not have the authority to negotiate on behalf of Karabakh.

"Everyone will see that he will go to the talks, and he has already made such statements. I connect this with inexperience. Even the worst negotiations are better than a war. If you refuse negotiations, and there are no negotiations at all, then war is the only solution, "Kocharyan said, adding that he is ready to share his experience with Pashinyan on the Karabakh issue:" I'm ready. I never avoided negotiations. It takes courage to take responsibility, to try to achieve success, and not to run like a hare. "

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