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YEREVAN. - Normal processes are taking place, the country’s economy is undergoing a transformation process, and a change is taking place in the economic makeup.

The acting Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, on Wednesday said the aforementioned during his meeting with a group of businessmen.

In his words, the October indicators come to prove that such an interpretation of the economic situation in the country is substantiated because, after the drop in September, Armenia has recorded a 3% growth in its economic activity index for October.

“In October, we have an 8.1% growth in industry, [and] which took place on the account of production,” Pashinyan stressed, in particular. “At the same time, [and] unlike September, we have had a 12% growth in exports, in October.

“[But] a clear task has been put before us that mining industry in the Republic of Armenia shall take place in accordance with the best international high standards, and it shall be predictable in terms of the protection of the environment and of the national and economic interests of our country.

“And in agriculture, we intend to earnestly assist in the introduction of new technologies.”

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