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YEREVAN. – I believe there is a wrong impression that we want to “cross out” the Ministry of Diaspora.

The Acting Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, on Thursday said the aforementioned at this year’s first Cabinet meeting of the government. He noted this reflecting on the draft of the changes expected to be made within the government makeup, and whereby the Ministry of Diaspora is planned to be dissolved.

“On the contrary, in this case the task is very clearly formulated: to make the government’s relations and collaboration with the [Armenian] diaspora most effective,” Pashinyan stated. “In this regard, we have a certain model and proposal which assumes that the level of relations with the diaspora will not be reduced, but will be increased. We will have discussions in the near future with our compatriots in the diaspora regarding that model, and I hope that will reach an agreement and consensus on this matter.

“Our task here is raising the level of effectiveness of [our] relations.”

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