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The Swiss embassy’s tweet about the issuance of a banknote with a nominal value of 1000 Swiss francs has sparked different reactions among Iranian internet users, reports RG.

On its Twitter blog, the embassy presented information on the issuance of the new banknote on 13 March and informed that it will become “the most valuable in the world, the value of which is equivalent to 130 million Iranian rials”.

“With one such banknote, you will be able to purchase 33 kg of pistachios, obtain 13,000 metro tickets and buy 2 kg of Iranian turmeric,” the tweet reads.

However, most Iranians considered Swiss diplomats’ comparisons of the Swiss franc and the Iranian rial as offensive. IRNA news agency states that internet users deemed such comparisons to be needless, taking into consideration the fact that Iran is under U.S. sanctions and has a weak economy.

The Swiss embassy was compelled to justify itself for the scandalous information. The diplomats clarified that they didn’t want to offend anyone and just wanted to show what Iranians can purchase with 1,000 Swiss francs.

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