March 28
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Armenia faces a pan-national issue, and the speech of a transgender in parliament evidenced that. This is what members of the “Step of Each Person for the Nation” civic initiative said. They are demanding an explanation from the speaker and deputies of the National assembly and the organizers about the speech of transgender Lilit Martirosyan in parliament.

According to them, Naira Zohrabyan could have interrupted the speech of the transgender, but she didn’t.

The participants of the protest declared that the speech of the transgender desecrated the podium of the National Assembly and that the podium has to be cleaned with incense, which they had brought with them for that purpose. The protesters wanted to enter the parliament and give a new podium to the MPs, but police officers didn’t let the demonstrators enter the yard of the National Assembly.

During the protest, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Alen Simonyan approached the protesters and got into a dispute with them and asked one of the participating clergyman who had led him to parliament.

Deputies of the Prosperous Armenia Party’s faction Gevorg Petrosyan and Tigran Urikhanyan also joined the protest.

The protest eventually ended, and the participants left.

The “In defense of national traditions” action was organized by Kamq (Will) NGO and gathered clergymen as well.

At 16:00, they were joined by members of the “Step of Each Person for the Nation” civic initiative.

The participants of the action are outraged by the speech by transgender Lilit Martirosyan in parliament and are demanding an explanation from the parliament’s speaker and deputies and the organizers.

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