October 01
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YEREVAN. – The United States is deploying military forces in the Middle East, and this gives a reason to contemplate. Iranian Studies specialist Gohar Iskandaryan told this to Armenian, speaking about the current tension in Iran-US relations.

She stressed that, as a rule, tension intensifies in relations with Iran when the Republicans come to power in the United States.

Iskandaryan noted, however, that at the moment, it is inexpedient for the US president to start military actions against Iran.

In her view, this is done to put pressure on Iran in order to bring it to the negotiating table, but it is the lack of trust, which does not allow Iran to negotiate.

As per Iskandaryan, large-scale military actions are inexpedient for Iran, too.

She noted that even though the major developments in strained Iran-US relations do not stem from the interests of Armenia, the latter should not change its neutral position in this regard.

“It’s another matter that, if possible, we [Armenia] should try to alleviate the situation, since in case of aggravation [of the situation], a dire situation will be created for us because there will be a tense situation along our border [with Iran], which [the tense situation] does not stem from the interests of the Republic of Armenia,” Iskandaryan added.

The Iranian Studies specialist, however, does not believe that the US will put pressure on Armenia in regard to Iran.

“The US realizes very well that the Republic of Armenia is in a difficult situation, since we have four neighbors, with two of which [Turkey and Azerbaijan] the borders are closed,” Gohar Iskandaryan explained. “If the border with Iran is [also] closed, we remain in Georgia’s hopes, which will create a complicated situation for us.”

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