June 27
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Xiaomi now boasts not only the production of high-quality smartphones. It turns out that in stock the company has an incredible number of gadgets, designed for both adults and children. It is for the latter that the “smart” pen Mi Bunny Reading Pen, designed to develop the younger generation, is being developed, GizMochina reported.

Mi Bunny Reading Pen is a product developed by Xiaomi engineers together with specialists in preschool education. And the main purpose of the new gadget is to teach young children different languages.

According to Xiaomi representatives, this smart pen is designed for children from 2 years and more. Amazing gadget is equipped with a speaker and player to play the necessary text. The principle of work is that, passing through the text in special books, Mi Bunny Reading Pen reproduces what is written. This, according to the creators of the device, should help children learn languages.

“It can help in improving the core competencies of cognition, language, psychology, socialization and self-care. There are over 1200 knowledge points, 2000+ English words crammed inside the resources on the pen,” the source noted. “This is an optical pen and it houses 22 beautifully-readable picture books, which are specially designed for enlightenment. It comes with the content of the Mi Bunny story machine, as well as the walking story machine. The device supports the addition of up to 500+ picture books. There is also bilingual learning (English and Chinese) which makes learning in Chinese and English easy.”

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