June 26
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YEREVAN. – One of the secrets of Armenia’s rapidly developing IT industry is talented, young and enthusiastic Armenian IT professionals. Co-founder of DISQO startup Drew Kutcharian shares this opinion.

Speaking to Armenian, Drew Kutcharian said that this is his second visit to Armenia in six months since the Armenian office has been established in Yerevan. 

According to him, Armenian professionals have very high engineering potential. This can be proved by the fact that during the past six months the company has already attracted 30 senior specialists.

“We are now seeking new professionals. The secret is that we are using high technology, and this attracts new employees,” said Kutcharian , whose company works on developing its own product – providing the highest quality first-hand consumer data to the world’s largest market research and analytics companies.

The Armenian team member have traveled to DISQO's headquarters in Los Angeles for trainings during the last six months.

He believes the advantage of having an office in Armenia is a rich labor market. As for the shortcomings, he was able to point out time difference which could create certain problems.

The company, which has already moved to a larger office, is proud to be able to create an environment for growth and development of Armenian professionals, and to prevent brain drain from the country.

The co-founder of the startup noted that Armenia's IT field is unique because everyone involved in this sector is happy to see the achievements of others.  

“There are really talented specialists in Armenia, but the most important about our company is the desire to learn something new and to challenge yourself,” he said.

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