July 18
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YEREVAN. – I propose to discuss the idea of forming a pan-Armenian budget. Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan, who is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Hayastan (Armenia) All Armenian Fund, on Tuesday noted this at the board’s annual meeting in capital city Yerevan.

In his words, the matter as to whether the Fund should implement projects in the Armenian diaspora is also linked to the perception that it builds solely physical structures.

“We live in times when Armenian youth of the diaspora is cut off from their [Armenian] identity,” Pashinyan said. “There is a task to make that identity more appealing for Armenian youth abroad.”

In his conviction, this is due also to the absence of an agenda, and the Hayastan All Armenian Fund should be engaged in the development of this agenda.

“The matter is not so that this or that amount is given, but so that they are engaged in pan-Armenian processes,” the PM added. “From this viewpoint, I consider the idea of a pan-Armenian budget very appealing, and we need to put more extensive tasks before us. I believe that in the long run, the Fund’s budget should be comparable with Armenia’s budget, so that we will be able to serve our ambitions.”

He added that in order to increase the efficiency of the implementation of programs, people should not be provided with material, but rather they should be given some skills, so that the changes do not create new problems for them.

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