September 21
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YEREVAN. – Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on Friday chaired a consultation with law enforcement heads and representatives, at the government building of Armenia.

“The objective of our consultation today is as follows: taking into account also the considerable personnel changes that took place [recently] within the law enforcement system [of the country], to sum up the results of the fight against corruption over the past—more than one—year, and to decide on our future courses of action in connection with this matter,” Pashinyan noted, in particular, at the start of this consultation. “We must give new impetus to the fight against corruption and, if it can be said, to ‘restart’ this process.

“The second direction is also very important: that the damages caused to the state and the people are restored. Of course, according to the data for the one year and four to five months, about AMD 51 billion have already been restored. (...). [But] in fact, there are much greater things to do here.

“The next important direction in Armenia, ultimately, in this regard is also the need to establish law and order. (…) these actions of ours, at the same time, should not in any way be, or are perceived as, a process of repressions. (...). The whole process must be organized in such a way that the image of Armenia being a democratic, rule of law state is not damaged in any way and, on the contrary, every such action and every move in that direction would further improve not only the image of our country, but also the reality of [it] being such.”

Subsequently, the discussants conferred on the measures that are envisaged in combating against corruption in Armenia.

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