September 30
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Artificial Intelligence can carry out niche tasks, and this is what scares people, Tigran Mkhoyan, PhD candidate, Delft University of Technology, told Armenian during the Global Innovation Forum.

This year’s forum is set to explore the impact of AI on science and society from the scientific, technological, and industrial perspectives. The main question that common people, not scientists, always raise is whether AI is something that they should be scared of.

“I understand where the fear of AI comes from.  But in my opinion, it's not justified because if you see where currently where we are, the application using AI struggles with many problems. There are problems where it works very well, and other problems where it doesn't do so. We are still not at the stage where we are close to what humans are capable of. It's only niche tasks that AI can carry out, and this is what scares people. So I think at this time it's really ungrounded but I understand where the fear is coming from,” the scientist explained.

When asked about the use of machine learning, Mr. Mkhoyan explains that it is something that we use in our everyday life.

“Well, in speech recognition it was about 20 years ago when the first translation came. But, now you have your mobile phone that translates live. These are the tasks that we studied well, and we understand how to utilize the power of this AI and bring it to the customer,” he said.

The forum organized by Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST)․

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