December 06
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Armenian News - presents a daily digest of Armenian-related top news as of 20.11.2019:

·       The delegation led by the Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has arrived in Italy.

PM official visit began in Venice. He headed to the monastery complex of the Mekhitarist Congregation on the island of St. Lazarus to meet with its members.

According to the PM, it is unfortunate that the formal occasion to visit the place is the flood that unfortunately also damaged the St. Lazarus Island, the Mekhitarist congregation.

"St. Lazarus Island, the Mekhitarist congregation is very important for our scene and history," PM said. “The academic legacy created here (...) has been put on the basis of our new science and education.

After the meeting, PM will leave for Milan.

·       Former Syunik Province Governor Surik Khachatryan is accused for committing offenses that he had gone beyond his respective powers, as well as using his official position and giving illegal orders to people, he had led to large-scale misuse and official fraud, which has caused substantial damage to the legitimate interests of the state.

Khachatryan is declared wanted, and custody has been set as his precautionary measure.

·       Japanese scientist Takeo Kanade has won this year’s Global IT Award, the Armenian state award for global contribution to humanity through it.

He will arrive in Armenia on December 3, Hovik Musayelyan, coordinator of the award committee, executive director of Synopsys Armenia company told reporters on Wednesday.

·       Armenian National Security Service officers have detained an Iranian citizen on suspicion of drug smuggling, NSS’ press services reported.

An Iranian citizen arrived in Yerevan by bus from Tehran. The man got in a taxi, after which he was subjected to a drive by NSS officers. It turned out that he had smuggled methamphetamine. A criminal case has been opened. The detainee admitted that in the past he had smuggled drugs into Armenia and sold them.

·       Armenia ranked 94th in Global Terrorist Index 2019

According to research experts, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine, Russia and Azerbaijan had the largest improvements in the region.

Afghanistan, followed by Iraq, Nigeria and Syria recognized as most unsafe countries in the world.