September 20
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The Internet is currently perceived by many as modern technology, but it is already 50 years old and does not meet modern needs, said Ani Voskanyan, Director of the technological line at RINArmenia at the presentation of the new RINA network architecture in Yerevan on Monday.

According to her, the current TCP / IP model initially had a number of gaps, among which the most important is the lack of security. 

This model was not originally ready to provide security, which is now a big problem for both individuals and organizations and states, Voskanyan said adding that the original model was not ready to service such a variety of devices.

“Not only computers are connected to the Internet, but also phones and TVs. We are already talking about remote methods of operations, unmanned vehicles etc,” she said. To solve the security problem and maintain a wide variety of devices, new mechanisms are being added to an existing model. The positive side of the RINA network architecture is that it was created from scratch and, taking into account the particularities of technological development, provides greater security and speed. 

“This is not just a good decision, but a necessity for the future,” she said.

RINA - Recursive Inter Network Architecture, was developed by American specialist John Day for over 10 years, then research was carried out in Europe, and today Armenia becomes a country where these technologies will be really involved. 

According to Voskanyan, in order to ensure the implementation of technologies, work is carried out in two directions - technological development and training.

The director general of RINArmenia Hayk Mnatsakanyan noted that the development program for 2020, the company will provide three valid examples to demonstrate the advantages of RINA. Meanwhile, the main goal of the company is to ensure the operation of the entire town through RINA.

The company intends to expand its educational programs, attracting two more universities. The issue of providing an online RINA training platform is also being discussed.

“Our goal is to position Armenia as an exceptional technological country,” he added.

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