February 26
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The biography of former head of the National Security Service of Armenia Georgi Kutoyan on has been edited, as reported in the stories of Wikipedia’s editions.

The news about the death of Georgi Kutoyan is the newest edition in the biography of Kutoyan posted on The following is the chronology of changes and the changed and edited information:

On the day preceding the death of former head of the National Security Service, that is, January 16, 2020, his biography was deleted, but after a short while, it was restored by another user. The name of the person who deleted the biography was “Georgi Kutoyan”.

The same actions were performed on January 3 of this year. On that day, the biography was deleted by a user by the name of “Georgi Kutoyan” again, but it was restored.

It is impossible to claim that the user was the former director of the National Security Service. Theoretically, it might have been that user.

There was a change in Georgi Kutoyan’s biography in 2019 as well. In May, a user added information about the friendly ties between Kutoyan and deputy of the National Assembly Tigran Urikhanyan. On June 21, another user deleted the information, stating that this is insignificant information.

Earlier, on May 10, 2018, an addition was made in the biography of the former director of the National Security Service. Information was added according to which he was dismissed from the position of director of the National Security Service adjunct to the Government of the Republic of Armenia by a presidential decree.

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As reported earlier, Georgi Kutoyan was found dead today in a Yerevan apartment, and with a gunshot wound.

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