February 17
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Since May 2018, the President of the Constitutional Court, Hrayr Tovmasyan, has offered me his services. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said this during a press conference today, answering the question that Tovmasyan says he received warnings that if he does not resign, criminal prosecution will be launched against him.

«Hrayr Tovmasyan has offered me his services since May 2018; first on a daily basis, then on a weekly basis, then on a monthly basis, saying that, ‘As far as I am the author of this text of the Constitution,’ he can tell about all the risks, and we can do I don’t know what things together,” Pashinyan said. And against the backdrop of these suggestions, he was sent to the appropriate place because I had, don’t and will have no desire to collaborate with the corrupt regime’s officials».

The Prime Minister emphasized that the Constitutional Court was occupied by one person and one group. «The Constitution of the Republic of Armenia stipulates that the CC President should be elected by the CC from its composition. But today we have a CC elected by the National Assembly, and now it has turned out that, according to the official accusation, the CC President has been elected as a result of official fraud. We cannot say that they did some light fraud. There was an official fraud, as a result of which the CC was occupied by one person and one group. And that group is the former corrupt government of Armenia. Do you think we should follow the status of indifferent observer? We will do whatever we need».

The Prime Minister raises the question: Against what fight are the CC judges heroes, as Hrayr Tovmasyan calls them?  «Speaking about the judges of the Constitutional Court, the current CC President says 'they are heroic people'. He gives courage again. I want to understand against what fight are they heroes. Heroes of the fight against their own people? What is the Constitutional Court fighting against? For the sake of a legitimate-democratic state in Armenia? Seriously? What about the 2013 presidential election? What about the falsified parliamentary elections of all time in Armenia? What about the fake 1996 and 1998 presidential elections? What about the fake 2003 and 2008 presidential elections? Does the CC President grant the title of hero for the struggle against fraud?

We say, «Dear members of the Constitutional Court, please do not fight against your own people, your own country and its future. Do not become the outpost of the internal and external forces living the dream of a hybrid coup». That's just what we say. Now, at this stage, we have made such a request to the honorable members of the Constitutional Court. A criminal case has been initiated in connection with the occupation of the post of CC President».


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