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YEREVAN. – I think the export of medical masks should be banned. Edmon Marukyan, chairman of the opposition Bright Armenia party and head of the Bright Armenia faction in parliament, wrote this on Facebook regarding the coronavirus outbreak in the world. He wrote as follows:

"Regarding preventing the spread of Coronavirus

1. I think the Yerevan-Milan flights should be canceled as there are a the highest number of Coronavirus infections in Northern Italy, and the Coronavirus case recorded in Georgia has already been confirmed to be the result of the Milan flight.

2. Why has the export of medical masks [from Armenia] not been banned so far, which has been banned in Georgia and is sold on special terms? Exports have not been banned in Armenia, and according to some reports, these masks have been exported to make a lot of money. I think the export of medical masks should be banned [in Armenia].

3. Special medical masks, goggles, overalls to be used in the event of epidemic’s outbreak by public servants when providing uninterrupted services to citizens shall be set aside and provided for all public authorities that provided various services to citizens."

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