May 27
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Tigran Karapetyan, 28, who was subjected to violence at a Yerevan police station on March 27, has been arrested for two months. His lawyer Gurgen Hovhannisyan told about this to Armenian

The lawyer added that their motion to commute Karapetyan’s pretrial measure was granted, but his family did not have the 1.5mn drams needed to release him on bail, so he was arrested.

Tigran Karapetyan is under arrest on charges of violence against a representative of the authorities.

But he is the injured party in the criminal case which the Special Investigation Service (SIS) has launched.

A criminal case has been opened at the SIS Wednesday and has been accepted for proceedings.

On Tuesday, this man’s family had addressed Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan with a video message.

The police statement says in particular that on the early hours of March 27, police noticed a speeding car, whose driver stopped the car in violation of traffic rules. Police officers approached the driver to find out the reason for the speeding, as well as to check for a note containing the information and identity documents as required by the Commandant’s decision in connection with the current state of emergency in Armenia.

But the driver, hearing the lawful demands of the police, was outraged, he cursed at them, and did not to comply with their lawful demands.

Police took the young man, along with the, to the police station. During this time, the young man punched a police officer in the face several times.

The detainee continued the illegal and immoral behavior in the police department, too.

The investigation found out that this 28-year-old man had consumed vodka with a friend. The drink had finished, and therefore they had gone to a supermarket by car to buy vodka again.

He had driven the car in a drunk state and at high speed.

His friend was also brought to the police station. Both were under the influence of alcohol.

But his lawyer Gurgen Hovhannisyan had told Armenian that Karapetyan had not hit the police officer, but rather he was hit because of irregular movements while being dragged.

"At the police station they spat on him, wanted to drag him into the toilet, break him," Hovhannisyan had added. “Right now Tigran is mentally depressed, he is not talking. They cursed at his five-year-old child, wife, mother."

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