January 25
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Based on the information received by, the International Civil Aviation Organization has revoked the license of the Civil Aviation Committee of Armenia, and this may have very negative consequences for the entire civil aviation and particularly for pilots who might simply not be allowed to fly planes.

The source of the website explained that it’s not about revoking the license (the European Aviation Safety Agency has provided the results of inspection for the month of February and there is information that the Civil Aviation Committee has a rather bad rating). If it is recorded that the authorized body (Civil Aviation Committee) isn’t capable of properly supervising Armenian aviation organizations and has serious shortcomings, the licenses issued by the Armenian side won’t be accepted in Europe, and Armenian airline companies might not fly to Europe.

Asked if Armenian pilots might have problems based on the results of the report,’s source said Armenia’s certificates were reputable and even Russian pilots wanted to receive certificates in Armenia, but now there might be a serious problem.

Acting General Secretary of the Civil Aviation Committee Hayser Gasparyan told that he couldn’t answer the question and later said the Committee is dealing with coronavirus-related issues and recommended following the official news. also talked to Advisor to the Prime Minister for Aviation Hakob Tchagharyan, who assumed that the Civil Aviation Committee was the initial source of the information since there hasn’t been any outflow of information from the government.

According to Hakob Tchagharyan, the report is a 57-page English-language report that he is currently becoming familiar with so that he can deliver a report to the Prime Minister. Tchagharyan added that he couldn’t say anything about the content so long as he hasn’t reported to the Prime Minister.

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