May 26
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YEREVAN. – My family is being harassed for the past two day. At first glance, it seemed like the matter was domestic, but in reality it turned out not to be so. Lawyer Tigran Atanesyan said this Saturday, referring to the attack on his house.

“Right next to my house is the old movie theater of Kanaker; it is currently a recording studio. There is a small playground there, my children always go and play [there]. However, the owner's son, who is 40 years old, demands, says that my children no longer have the right to play there," he said.

According to Atanesyan, he has no relations with that person, and there are bars separating his house and that institution. "On the second day, they decide to completely block those bars, my wife calls, I say, 'Let them block, don't pay attention.' Meanwhile, seeing that we are not giving in to provocation, they start cursing—with the worst sexual insults—at my 7-year-old son, who is looking, from the first-floor window, what they are doing (…): They want to hit my window, my wife runs out, for 5-6 minutes they make the most insidious curses at my wife; my children, everyone locks themselves in the house,” he said.

According to Atanesyan, they attacked his house, said they would demolish the house and again mentioned that he was a lawyer. "My wife calls me, I rush home, I realize it's a provocation. There is no excuse for attacking the house, even if those people had a problem with me; but I again say that there is no problem. I called the police, and they reached our house almost at the same time as me, the incident now continued with me. They attack me, and if it weren't for the police, I would probably be behind bars today because I didn't know how all that would have ended after the swearing. One [of them] is a well-known drug dealer, and the others were nothing—like him,” he said.

The lawyer noted that this incident was related to his professional activities, and also said that he had applied to a security service to provide round-the-clock security around his house.

"But if someone tries to frighten me with this, he is sorely mistaken. I will fight against this disgrace with double the energy," he said.

To note, the press reported on Friday that Tigran Atanesyan's house was attacked, and insulting remarks were made against his family, and they had attempted to injure his 7-year-old son.

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