October 01
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On the morning of June 12, resident of Novosaratovka village of the Getabeki region of Azerbaijan Elshan Rasul Ogli Aliyev (born in 1994) found himself in Areguni village of the Gegharkunik Province of Armenia. As administrative head of Areguni village of the Geghamasar community of Gegharkunik Province Sos Hovhannisyan told Armenpress, the first person who spotted the Azerbaijani was one of the residents of the village and the guard of the summer camp in Areguni, and the resident was the one who escorted the Azerbaijani to the administrative office.

“We talked without a translator because I understand Azerbaijani a little since I have lived in one of the Armenian-populated villages of Azerbaijan for many years. My fellow village Nersik Petrosyan, who speaks Azerbaijani better than me, also joined our conversation.

The Azerbaijani didn’t have any document or weapon. According to him, he is Elshan Rasul Ogli Aliyev and was born in Kalmikia. His father is Azerbaijani, and his mother is Ukrainian. He was six years old when his parents divorced. The Ukrainian mother left Elshan and his brother, leaving it up to the father to take care of the brothers, but the father returned to Azerbaijan and took the children to an orphanage. After leaving the orphanage, Elshan lived the life of a wanderer, did heavy-duty work and found himself in Getabeki region to work as a shepherd. He lived in difficult conditions and decided to leave Azerbaijan. According to him, he explored the location on the map for a long time and became convinced that the closest and most appropriate spot is Armenia and crossed the border. After he told me this, I called representatives of the National Security Service of Armenia, and the Azerbaijani surrendered to the security officers,” Sos Hovhannisyan said.

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