August 01
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Armenian News - presents a daily digest of Armenia-related top news as of 10.07.2020:

A total of 30,903 COVID-19 cases have been reported in Armenia, thus, we have 10,428 cases per million people.

As of 11 am Friday, 557 COVID-19 new cases have been registered in Armenia. 

According to the latest data, 18,709 people have already recovered. In total, 546 patients have died so far. The total number of tests conducted so far is 131,216.

According to the agreement signed between the Netherlands MFA and Armenian health ministry on July 9, this amount will be directed to the purchase of 3 PCR test devices, 100 hospital monitors, and one biological security booth from Armenian companies.

Armenia's health ministry has already ordered the above-mentioned equipment from Armenian companies, and it will be delivered to the country in the near future.

The list includes Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, Kuwait, Northern Macedonia, Moldova, Oman, Panama, Peru, the Dominican Republic.

None of these countries are included in the so-called EU green list.

The adviser will reportedly support the Armenian government in the creation of new anti-corruption bodies and increase their effectiveness - including the one in the process of forming the anti-corruption committee of Armenia.

Besides, the specialist will advise the Armenian authorities on the development and implementation of law enforcement reforms. He will also organize study tours, trainings for investigators, and manage Washington-funded projects. 

  • US President Donald Trump is confident that Kanye West, who has announced his intention to run for president, supports him, The Hill reported.

“He is always going to be for us, and his wife is going to be for us,” Trump said Thursday in an interview with Fox News, referring to West and reality TV star Kim Kardashian West.

Trump brushed off comments that West made earlier this week, telling Forbes that he is “taking the red hat off," referring to Trump’s signature red “Make America Great Again” campaign baseball caps. “[He’s a] very good guy. He is a person that I get along with very well,” Trump said. “At the end I think he would support us over anyone else, we have to stop the radical left from taking over our country.”