July 24
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Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan made a post on Facebook.

"The national values of the people of the Republic of Armenia are:

- Armenian statehood, the Republic of Armenia.

- Independence, sovereignty, citizenship, democracy, army of the Republic of Armenia.

- The history of Armenia, the folklore of the Armenian people, the epic, beliefs, legends, myths.

- Armenian language and letters, Armenian literature, including translated literature, knowledge, science.

- Pan-Armenian potential, Armenian Diaspora.

- Homeland, family, individual.

- Armenian Apostolic Holy Church, Armenian Catholic Church, Armenian Evangelical Church, Christianity.

- Armenian Ashugh, Gusan, folk, classical, original and pop music, Armenian dance, Armenian fine arts, Armenian stage art, Armenian architecture.

- Native nature with its biodiversity.

- Progress, liberalism, self-love, hospitality, love of learning, diligence, law-abiding, respect and tolerance towards other people, peoples, religions.

- Fraternal feelings and relations towards national minorities and inseparable union with them, expressed by the citizenship of the Republic of Armenia.

- Armenian cuisine, all those samples of tangible and intangible heritage that express, depict, describe or symbolize the national values of the people of the Republic of Armenia described above," the Armenian PM wrote.

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