April 18
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The process of removing the outpost cabins installed by Lydian Armenia company will start soon from the area of the Amulsar gold mine project.

Those who have been protesting for the past three days are following this process.

The mayor of Jermuk town, Vardan Hovhannisyan, announced Thursday that Lydian Armenia had made a mistake in installing these cabins, and the relevant specialists would come Friday and move them to the appropriate area.

The mayor of Jermuk also told reporters that the outpost cabins of the defenders of Amulsar could also be removed Friday.

Protests lasted for three days, and the demonstrators again had blocked the road leading to Jermuk. They have three demands: To move 30 meters from the area the outpost cabins new security service which Lydian Armenia has hired, to remove the company’s security team from the Amulsar area, and to make a clear decision on Amulsar by the government.

The new security service hired by Lydian Armenia has removed the outpost cabins of the defenders of Amulsar and replaced them with their own.

In 2018, a criminal case was initiated on hiding information on the damage caused to nature as a result of the future operation of the Amulsar gold mine.

Within the framework of the same criminal case, a comprehensive expertise on the expected operation of the mine was later ordered.

After the change of power in Armenia, this expertise was stopped, and a criminal case was initiated on charges of abuses and violations of the environmental law.

At the invitation of the government, an international environmental expertise was carried out in the gold mine area. And Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan had announced that the Amulsar gold mine would not be operated unless the aforesaid expertise gave a positive conclusion.

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