September 18
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YEREVAN. – I have no doubt that we will witness very serious political unions. Ara Vardanyan, former director of the Hayastan (Armenia) All Armenian Fund, told journalists about this Tuesday, speaking about the domestic political situation in the country.

"What happened two years ago caused a very important damage to Armenia; it is that the majority of the citizens of the Republic of Armenia thought that they could be the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia. In reality, this is a very considerable reduction in the benchmark of the Prime Minister's institute," said Vardanyan. According to him, this is not a serious attitude towards Armenia and the people of Armenian, as striving for an official office will not make the country better, which, as he notes, we are already convinced of.

As per Vardanyan, two years ago, the institution of the Prime Minister fell in Armenia because a person—i.e. Nikol Pashinyan—who had no right to hold that office assumed the latter, and according to Ara Vardanyan, the public has already realized this. "Now there has come a point where, in my opinion, everyone has realized that not everyone can be prime minister. There is no separate force in Armenia that can compel these halls of power to leave; it must be done in a united fashion, with everyone," he said.

Ara Vardanyan expressed a view that the time has come to unite, and these past two years were enough time to understand what legal and political processes are taking place in Armenia. "I have no doubt that we will witness very serious political unions, as a result of which the opposition arena will decide who will lead Armenia in the next few years," Ara Vardanyan concluded.

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