June 25
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Vardan, 23, is one of the soldiers who downed Azerbaijan’s ORBITER-3 intelligence UAV in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) during the tense situation in Tavush Province of Armenia in July. On July 18, just two days before the end of his military service, Sergeant Vardan was given a major task that required a high sense of responsibility and that he had to accomplish with his detachment.

“We were serving on-duty and were given a task to find the adversary’s unmanned aerial vehicle. We found it and received an order to strike it, and we succeeded in accomplishing the task along with our chief,” Vardan told Armenian

Vardan participated in the operation as a detachment commander. He and his friends used their knowledge precisely and downed the adversary’s UAV in minutes.

“We were very happy. We were all screaming with joy. Words can’t describe how we felt. After all, I had been given a task after two years and accomplished it brilliantly. Our hard work paid off,” Vardan said.

The members of the detachment were awarded by the President of Artsakh for this act. Vardan received the Medal for Combat Service. He ended his mandatory military serviced and returned home a few days ago.

“I’m trying to adapt to civilian life, but I keep thinking what my fellow servicemen are doing. They became more excited after the incident and are always ready to strike the enemy,” he said.

Vardan says he will continue to follow the situation on the border from his house in Kapan, but will remain vigilant so that he can help his friends-in-combat, if necessary.

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