September 30
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On July 24, a dozen young and armed members of the Grey Wolves group of Turkish extremists attacked peaceful Armenian demonstrators and caused great material damage in the French city of Dessin, after which the organizer Ahmet Cetin and another four members of the organization were arrested and are charged with inciting hatred against the Armenians, as reported

This is one of the two complaints submitted by the Committee for Defense of the Armenian Cause (CDAC) regarding the July 24 incident. The other complaint is devoted to the actions carried out during the armed attack.

The first court hearing on the case was held on September 17.

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Bourg-en-Bresse demanded 6 years of conditional imprisonment, deprivation of the right to vote for 5 years and a payment of EUR 2,000 for the offense stated in the indictment regarding Cetin.

The attorney stated that Cetin has acknowledged his mistake and stopped implementing political actions.

During a live broadcast, Cetin had said the following:

“Let the Turkish government give me EUR 2,000 a month and weapons, and I will do what is necessary in any part of France.”

The verdict will be announced on November 5.

On July 24, nearly 500 French-Armenians held a peaceful demonstration against Azerbaijan’s provocations. Members of Turkey’s far-right, extremist Grey Wolves organization attacked the peaceful Armenian demonstrators with Turkish national flags, metal rods and knives, but the attack was prevented after the intervention of the French police.

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