October 21
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YEREVAN. – The idea for the strategy until 2050 is based on national values, national goals, and public demand. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on Monday stated this while presenting the Republic of Armenia's (RA) transformation strategy until 2050.

"The most important idea is the recently adopted national security strategy, in the preface of which we have registered and listed our national values.

The first such value is the Armenian statehood, which allows us to make decisions about our destiny. We consider education as the second guiding value because education is the only tool that allows us to recognize our problems and find solutions. The next key value is the individual, as the individual is the only entity that forms a family, a society, a people, and a state. And finally, the fourth value is work.

Our national goals are on the basis of these national ideas. The first of these goals is the eternity of the Armenian statehood. The next is the evaluation of the RA citizen. (…). The next is the preservation and development of the identity of the Armenian people (…),  " he said.

Pashinyan stressed that Armenian citizens want to live in Armenia and live happily, and in an Armenia that will be safe, fair, free, dignified, and progressive.

Then the Armenian PM presented the vision of the aforesaid strategy until 2050. "First, to increase the RA population to at least 5 million, to create 1.5 million jobs, to overcome poverty through work, to increase the GDP of Armenia by 20, to increase the average salary by seven. (…).

Next, by 2050 let’s shall have the most combat-ready army in the world per capita, have one of the 10 most effective intelligence services in the world, let’s make learning a national way of life, let at least three Armenian universities be in the top 200 of the international ranking of universities, let’s make Armenia a country of high-tech industry. (…).

Let’s have an Armenia with a healthy environment, climate-resistant, and energy efficient. Let's win 25 Olympic gold medals. Let’s make the [national] football team a world or European medalist. Let's win the title of individual chess world champion. Let's make the number of tourists visiting Armenia reach 15 million," Nikol Pashinyan added.

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