January 27
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Armenia ex-president Robert Kocharyan said that in the operation carried out by PM order, the army corps and Stepanakert regiment were defeated.

“Firstly, after the April war, it was obvious what kind of war we would have in the future. Why were we not prepared for such a war at all? After all, it was obvious to everyone what it would be. The air was declared to be completely closed. It turned out that the air is completely open for the Azerbaijani air force and unmanned aerial vehicles. Now, the mistakes made, which, by the way, were also voiced by the military. During these two and a half years, we, in fact, have not tried to fully close the air. For example, instead of $ 120 million in premiums, one should buy such systems that are effective against unmanned vehicles."

"Now, the second and, I think, one of the grossest mistakes is the fact that on the third day they stopped replenishing the regular army, switching to the detachment system. Shameful! At that time I was in Karabakh and saw that something was not right. But I only recently learned that there was a special decision by the Prime Minister for this."

"And that's a fact. I saw this fact. You know, we won the 1992-1994 war mainly for the reason that a year earlier we made the transition from detachments to the regular army."

"How far should a person be from the army, in general from security issues, in order to afford such stupidity at such a fateful moment? You know, the squads must have their place. And there were units that fought really, really well. But the squad must complement something, not replace the regular army. This was a fatal mistake and, I think, one of the main reasons for our defeat in the war."

"On the direct order of the Prime Minister, this operation was carried out, which was the biggest failure of the Armenian forces during this entire war. As a result of this operation, the army corps operating in the south and the Stepanakert regiment were defeated."

"And after that, we didn't have enough combat-ready units to build a new line. Meanwhile, people said that it was necessary, like in the north, to build a new line with these forces and to hold and defend. It was only necessary to defend one week - ten days to stop this pressure. But they chose a path that, simply, led to the fact that the backbone of the armed forces in this direction was broken."

The ex-president expressed confidence that the culprit of the defeat was Nikol Pashinan:

“You know, all these erroneous decisions were made by one person. It is a fact."

"See why Azerbaijan did not agree to a truce. Because they had success every day. Everyday. Nobody can stop an attacking army, an army that is successful. Nobody."

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