December 07
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Russian President Vladimir Putin told about one episode, but there were several opportunities to stop the war, the second Armenian president Robert Kocharyan told the Armenian TV channel.

“Certain concessions were supposed, but our authorities, knowing how it would all end, did not agree to this because they wanted to avoid the label. And we got the worst case at the end.

According to him, the Shushi issue was never on the negotiation table.

"When talking about the return of refugees, this 80/20 ratio was our diplomatic victory in the Madrid Principles. This concerned the referendum. We insisted that a referendum on the status of Karabakh should be held in this ratio because we assumed that a long time would pass, and we did not want Azerbaijan to issue passports, and suddenly it would later turn out that 100,000 Azerbaijanis were in Karabakh. We have fixed the percentage at the beginning of the conflict. This was our diplomatic victory and it was not easy. As for that other circumstance, that it was still assumed that the refugees should return, this was also our diplomatic victory."

"This word is proportionate. There was no Armenian text at all. These decisions were in English and Russian, and perhaps our officials do not speak Russian well, maybe this is the reason, but this commensurate return presupposed the following: 350 thousand Armenians left Azerbaijan, and about 40 thousand Azerbaijanis left Karabakh during the conflict. In general, in any negotiation process, no one can say that he is against the return of refugees. He will simply become a monster for the international community."

"The co-chairs could not tell us that the Baku refugees, the Armenian refugees have lesses rights. But, as always, they try to cling to straws and invent something. "

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