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YEREVAN. – The report of the parliamentary inquiry committee investigating the circumstances of the hostilities in April 2016 is already a reality, its episodes will be continued, and if necessary, criminal assessments will be given. Andranik Kocharyan, chair of the Standing Committee on Defense and Security of the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia, said this Wednesday to reporter after the respective closed session of the NA.

"The report [of the aforesaid parliamentary inquiry committee] is in the first section, anyone with the right to use the confidentiality regimen can get familiarized with the report, all the materials, recordings underlying the report," he said.

Kocharyan noted that his extensive address lasted about an hour during the abovementioned closed session, then the question and answer session was held which also was extensive. "All this has been recorded, we cannot bypass the undisclosed regimen, but it does not mean that it will be lost," he added in particular.

Asked where the public should get the answers to its questions from in this regard, Kocharyan responded: "Slowly, within the permissible limits, from me, the members of the [said inquiry] committee, the MPs who listened and have the right to get familiarized [with the report] within the permissible limits. (…). I believe the [recent] 44-day [Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh)] war was a continuation of the April [2016] four-day [war]. "

To the question whether the answers to all the respective questions have already been given, Kocharyan said: "We have found answers to many questions; we have recorded them. The value of the report is in the documentation itself. ”

Asked whether the Armenian side won or lost in the April 2016 war, Andranik Kocharyan responded: "[Then Armenian President] Serzh Sargsyan says, 'I have defeated [Azerbaijani President] Ilham Aliyev.' But as a result of the victory, the Azerbaijani side has a violation of the 1994 ceasefire treaty, a violation of the demarcation line, and that—in favor of Azerbaijan."

Andranik Kocharyan emphasized that he did not seek conspirators.

To the question whether they have determined when the Armenian side had found out that Azerbaijan had started large-scale operations during the April 2016 war, the MP responded positively, noted that his address at the closed session mentioned that time—in hours and minutes—, but they cannot announced it yet unless it is clear which part of the report is considered confidential.

And referring to finding out the circumstances of the recent 44-day war and the chances for setting up a parliamentary inquiry committee in this regard, Andranik Kocharyan said: "If necessary, the authorities will study the 44-day war, too. Any government is doomed to study any war."

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